Banquet is one of restaurant "Dolphin" activity directions. Our specialists will help You to choose the banquet menu correctly, to find specialists on issues of celebration design and festive-like programmes.

Furshette - Usually we prepare a big, sometimes "multi-storey" table. Appetisers, drinks and desserts are served. As a rule, furshettes are arranged for numerous guests, when simply it is impossible to seat everyone at the traditional table. In this case we pay much attention to the decorating of the table and try to place everything in the most attractive way. Unlike traditional feast, in this case guests help themselves.

Lunch-furshette - Appetisers are placed on special tables, but for each guest a "sitting" place on chairs or on arm-chairs is foreseen. Each of invited from time to time approaches with plate to the served table, helps himself/herself to refreshments and goes back to the "sitting" place to taste the offered dishes comfortably.

Banquet on graduations - Restaurant "Dolphin" will help You to organise graduation parties on the highest level. Our managers, waiters and cooks help to do so, that a banquet will pass without single hitch from the starting moment and till the completion of the evening.

Wedding banquet - Organisation of a wedding, what is more own wedding - is undoubtedly enormous pleasure, not less than the very celebration of it. Traditionally wedding is held in restaurants. It is better to find the proper place beforehand, for summer weddings - even earlier. Pay attention to the number of guests invited for a wedding. We will take care of all troubles related to organisation of wedding banquet and to find specialists on issues of celebration design and festive-like programmes.

Wedding anniversary - One of the main celebrations for a family is wedding anniversary. We will help You to feel JUST MARRIED.

Imagine, that You are having guests soon, and You need to organise a celebration or a banquet. And You are to start immediately. And You do not have time, Your head is busy, organising celebrations - is not Your speciality, and You have never been engaged in this previously.

E.g., unexpectedly it turns out to be, that long-awaited guests - business partners arrive not in a fortnight but tonight. Serious contracts and company future depend on the success of Your meeting and negotiations. Can You imagine the situation of a responsible person, who does not know where to start? Who ask help for?

Or, e.g., nice events have a place in Your life, - wedding, child birth, etc. - and You plan to invite relatives and friends for a celebration, being sure, that all will be done precisely and qualitatively, and the dishes will be served with love just before guests arriving? Who to apply?

Restaurant "Dolphin" also specialises on the catering

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